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ACS - Transactional Messages - Update documentation on multi-emails sending limitation.


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I have a field to identify a group of records.

I have four profiles with this group ID in a custom field in the Profile feature.

My goal is to identify these profiles using enrichment features in the respective event configuration.

My problem is. Why despite having four profiles identified with this group ID, why can I only receive email for one profile. Each profile has its own email address.


Why: Real Time Communication Submission for multiple emails.
How: I would like the transactionmessage enrichment to accept the association of 1 to N. with this limitation, I will have to use the workflow.
Currently: If I want to continue using TransactionMe, the energetment association has to be 1 to 1. and not 1 to N.

Problem: Let's have a rework and think about adapting and / or rebuilding integration into one of the formats below:

If Acs really can not do that. I think of two other ways to make that sending mail:

* First, use the calling workflow by external signal. But this solution can allow a call every 10 minutes.

* And the other solution, I do not like it, is to create a table to save information and call the workflow through the API service. But this option I have possibility using the EAI, to build a solution more like a real-time event.


If someone has any better idea how to transpose this problem, thank you in advance. Thank you!







As per the communication from the Adobe Campaign Standard product and engineering team - it is indeed possible to enrich the event with a field that can have the same value for several profiles (1-N), BUT only one profile will be targeted. This is because the aim of transactional messaging is to send an individual and unique communication to a single recipient (1-1 relation).

If you want to target several profiles, you must use a standard delivery or have your external system send N events to a group of N profiles, but this is outside of Message Center.


Having said that, a note will be added to the Enriching the event document to warn the users when defining the join condition.

Status changed to: Delivered