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WEB-530009 Access denied.


Level 4

I am getting this error message.  I have configured a landing page.  When I send an email with the landing page.  I click on the URL for the landing page and I get this error message..  WEB-530009 Access denied.  Page is Published.  What does this mean and how do I resolve it...

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Hi Clarence,

Can you please check the properties of the webApp/ Landing Page and confirm the access settings there.

I believe changing the option there to Anonymous would resolve the issue




Level 1

This issue is caused by the wrong Secuirty Network Zone.

You can edit the "Serverconf.xml" to solve this issue.

If you need make your ACC to public, change <SecurityZone> to "true".

Here is a smaple for your reference.

<securityZone allowDebug="true" allowHTTP="true" allowSQLInjection="true" label="Public Network"