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Experience League LIVE - Post-session discussion: Leaping ahead with the new Adobe Campaign Web User Interface



Use this thread to ask any questions related to the Experience League LIVE session titled  Leaping ahead with the new Adobe Campaign Web User Interface.


Event Description: 

Adobe Campaign v8 has a brand-new look and feel. The reimagined user experience simplifies the campaign design process and is consistent with other Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions.

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Hi @SHausmann!  

I Know this question comes a bit late, but hopefully you will still be able to answer: 

Can you put some words into how the new Campaign Web UI is different from AJO? I am especially thinking about, what are the pros/cons of using AJO vs. Campaign Web UI if you are implementing AEP already. Seems to me that Campaign Web UI is just very similar to AJO although it has a lot more flexibility as well as the option to integrate with audiences from AEP. 

So in short: Struggling to find the "pros" of using AJO compared to the lot more flexible Campaign Web UI since it can also seamlessly integrate with AEP.