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MTA configuration for local domain/localhost


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I am trying to configure mta in local instance. I have already configured hmail server for localhost and have created a local domain known as localhost.com

Now when I am trying to configure mta the server stops because of below error1815249_pastedImage_0.png

I have don the following changes in respective instance:

Changes done in serverconf File:

<mta args="-tracefilter:nlmta" autoStart="true" dataLogPath="" debugPath="" dnsRequestLogDelayMs=""

       errorPeriodSec="300" initScript="" logEmailErrors="true" logLevel="2" maxMemoryMb="1024"

       maxProcessMemoryAlertMb="1800" maxProcessMemoryWarningMb="1600" minConnectionsToLog="100"

       minErrorsToLog="1" minMessagesToLog="1000" notifRelay="" processRestartTime="06:00:00"

       purgeDataLogDelay="15" retryLostMessages="true" runLevel="10" statServerAddress="localhost:7777"

       statServerTLSSupport="true" statServerVersion="" verifyMode="false" workingPath="$(XTK_INSTALL_DIR)/var/$(INSTANCE_NAME)/mta/"

       xMailer="nlserver, Build $(PRODUCT_VERSION)">

    <relay address="localhost" port="25"/>

Changes done in instance config File:

  <mta autoStart="true" statServerAddress="localhost">



        <IPAffinity localDomain="localhost.com" name="default,mid.default,dev.default,test.default">

          <!--  For dev instances, if you need a default IP (not recommended), use address="" -->

          <IP address="" heloHost="" publicId="1" weight="5"/>





Any lead or any kind of solution will be of great help

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You should modify only instance config

In your instance conf, set autostart="true", and fill out the IP element, e.g.:

<IP address="" heloHost="localhost.localdomain" publicId="1" weight="1"/>

Then restart nlserver6 service.


NB You have a relay address set in your serverConf.xml. If intended it should be moved to the instance conf- serverConf is supposed to be used as a read-only reference.



David Kangni


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Quick note- use for relay address, for whatever reason whenever I tried localhost it would fail.