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List vs. Group


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Hello all,

There's 2 ways to creating a List.

1) via workflow and dragging a List Update button

2) in the List page, clicking New icon and choosing New list... When the small pop-up window opens, there's a List Type dropdown that has List and Group as the 2 values.  In our case, this drop down is disabled.  We remember seeing 2 values in it once and now only Group appears as grayed (that we can't change).

- what could be the reason/

- what is the difference between List & Group?


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Here is the link which will explains about the list and group:

Creating and managing lists




Community Advisor


Groups are 'immutable' and managed in the console UI, inaccessible to List workflow activities. Lists are updatable by List workflow activities.

They're the same otherwise, with this behavior governed by an enumeration in the table.

Reason? Maybe there's demand for immutable lists and this is a way to satisfy it.




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Thanks, I now know that a Group is a static list of profiles whereas a List can be a dynamic list which can be refreshed when the underlying workflow (having List Update box) is re-run.  The question is, when we go to the List page (where all lists are listed), I can click on the Create New icon and choose New list ... Earlier, we were seeing the List Type dropdown enabled and we could choose whether we wanted to create a Group or a List.  Now, something has changed (not sure what) but we don't see the dropdown enabled and Group is the default value selected.  We believe one of us may have changed some config parameter that isn't allowing us to choose List from that dropdown, maybe?


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I think the functionality of list type while creating new list as follows:

1.) The list type is Group by default if we create a new list under (Profiles and Targest --> List)

2.) The list type is List by default if we create a new list in the workflow itself

Query to select recipients --> List Update --> Create the list if necessary (Check box for this option)