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LINE v2 delivery error with AES key: invalid AES decryption string


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Has someone ever succeeded to install the LINE v2 standard package, in order to send LINE messages (marketing doc: LINE : Free Calls & Messages  and dev doc: LINE Developers )?

We installed the LINE v2 package on our staging instance, configured a LINE service, a LINE v2 external account, both LINE workflows are running with schedulers (deleteBlockedLineUsersV2 & updateLineV2AccessToken --> it gives us an "update token" so the login/authentication/connectivity works well) and a Line V2 delivery.

The option NmsLine_AESKey is configured and uses a value generated by a JS in workflow: "var x = execCommand('openssl rand -base64 32'); logInfo(x);"

The delivery is executing well, as expected, but the generated broadLogs fail with error "Error in delivery part XXX: invalid AES decryption string"


Any idea? Thanks


External account:


Line account:



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Still investigating, the delivery makes a call to:

> lineConnector-v2.js and function :

>> processDeliveryPart (deliveryPart) calls:

>>> LineAppV2.decryptLineUserId(NL.XTK.toString(msg.@address), aesKey) calls

>>>> decryptString(str, key, false); @throws (new StringGroup("nms:line")).decryptError()


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which ACC version are you using?

Can you check following:

  • Verbose logs when a new follower is added
  • ID stored after following, can you decrypt that with a decrypt string call in JS?

Normally the encrypted user ID should start with a @ sign in current version, so the ID shown in your screenshot looks weird.

Hi Ramon,

Thanks for your reply

We're using ACC v6 build 8857. Which version are you using? Did you encounter the same error?

  • What logs? At the moment, when a new follower subscribes to our Line profile, it doesn't get added to our Recipients database. I set up a simple jssp (https://my.custom.domain.com/my_nms/test-line-webhook-event.jssp) and I used it in the Line setting "Webhook URL", but I'm not sure this step is needed. And when I hit Verify, it says "Success"
  • The id used in my screenshot has been input manually. It's in the Line account setting:


Thank you



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Hi Florian,

ok, Campaign expects that the address in the deliveryLog contains the encrypted Line ID and then tries to decrypt it.

That's the place where it fails for you.

You should crypt the ID Ud7* with the NmsLine_AESKey before sending a message.


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Hey Ramon,

Thanks a lot, we could encrypt/decrypt the user id using LineAppV2.cryptLineUserId(lineId, aesKey) and decryotLineUserId in JS successfully.

However, it appears that the connector is not using the right lineUserId, it somehow displays #NAME#

broadlog with #NAME#:


Modified connector in order to debug:


So for an unknown reason, ACC tries to decrypt the string "*" instead of the encrypted line id "@Np620N9hcd..."

Any clue?

Thank you very much



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Hi Ramon,

Any new useful ideas for Florian?




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Hello Florian,

I just hit the same issue, was this ever resolved?




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Hey Connor,

I'll dig more in this subjet early 2020, no news at the moment

Let me know if you find anything useful!


Best regards


Edit: glad to know you have the same issue, at least it's not an individual problem