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Export Delivery logs and Tracking logs using a workflow on Adobe Campaign Classic


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Hello everyone,

Is there an efficient way to export data from the delivery logs and the tracking logs using a workflow with a data extraction ? Let's say I want to have those data everyday running on a scheduler that only take the data the previous day with some parameters such as email, date, etc... I see that on Adobe Standard they use incremental query but I didn't see such good things on how to use it for Adobe Classic. Is there a way to create that workflow ?

What I'm looking for but this one is for Adobe Standard : Exporting logs

Kind regards,

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Hi ,

For Adobe Classic as well you can use incremental query on delivery logs. Alternatively,

For creating daily report create a technical workflow with

- Scheduler

- Query activity with JS in advance tab which take time from global option(Store last run timnig og this worklfow) somthing like below



- Your Data extraction Logic

-End activity using below code


We call this as Delta testing!

Hope this helps!




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Hello kapscool​ ,

Thank you very much for those information. When including the JS in the query, I have an error that show this :


Also, how can I set up my enrichment to pick up my data from recipients starting with a query using the delivery logs or use change dimension ? Do I have to use a link in the enrichment ?

Kind regards and thanks in advance.




You will need to follow the steps below

1. create an Option (Administration > Platform > Options) with a high Date i.e 01/01/1900 (this is done to get full extract the first time you run the workflow. If you do not want this set this time from when you want the extract to begin, say the name of the options is 'broadlogExtractTime'


2.  In your workflow add the Javascript Activity to initialize the variable and add the following script below:

vars.endTime = formatDate(getCurrentDate(),'%4Y/%2M/%2D %2H:%2M:%2S');

vars.startTime = formatDate(getOption('broadlogExtractTime'),'%4Y/%2M/%2D %2H:%2M:%2S');

3. Add a query Activity after the Initialization JavaSrcipt Code and filter by last modified date like shown below


To add these variables you will need to use the expression editor in the Query activity and add the expression in the following format

$datetime(vars/@startTime) and $datetime(vars/@endTime)

4. Last and the most important step is to update the Option to capture the successful increment of the extract. Add an End activity and in the Advanced tab add the script below:


Congratulation!!! you have set up an incremental extract of the delivery logs.




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the Error is due to the null Date.

this may help you with the enrichment Enriching data