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Delivery is not working for a new installation


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I am setting up a new environment and having issues with delivery. None of the delivery is completing

When an workflow is creating a delivery, the bulk external delivery (new routing using Delivery Mode = External) or email delivery (using OTB routing for email) is coming as “In preparation(target ready)” with Pending Approval as expected. Then once it is approved the status is changed to “Extraction Pending” for External delivery and for Email Delivery, it is initially “To Approve” and then once approved, it is getting into “Preparation pending” state.

In the Target tab of  Delivery, I can see 2 recipient records are sitting with Reason = "not defined". In the delivery audit, the last log is "06/02/2019 6:22:05 PM Analysis successfully completed in 0s (2 message(s) waiting)."

No error in web, mta or any other log file. So not sure what is happening.

No data is inserted into the BroadlogRcp table either. I used few proofs, and I can see them in the broadlog table, but nothing from the actual delivery.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Enable the mta process in the instance configuration by setting <mta autostart="true"/>, then restart the nlserver6 service.




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Can you please confirm that you've configured the relay settings in the configuration files and that the mta and stat server is turned on ?

It appears that the analysis is complete, which means the web module is turned on but it's not able to forward the content to mta to send it out. You can monitor logs under <campaign install directory>/var/default/log/web.log and watchdog.log.

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I have the mta and stats running.


This is my config file


Also note that the delivery with external type where it is supposed to create a file, not an actual email delivery, is also not working. Not sure what is happening.


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I was doing some more research and captured the query that the MTA is periodically running to get the data.

One of the critical part of the SQL is the iState IN (51,55,61,62,71,81)  If I compare these integer with the deliveryState enum the values are as (Start Pending, In Process, Retry Pending, Retry In Process, Pause Requested, Stop Requested). None of these values look promising from the point of view of my error. I checked the DB and the status of the deliveries in stuck stage is 15 (Target Ready)

SELECT iDeliveryId, iState, sLabel, iPriority, tsBroadStart, tsValidity, iDeliveryMode,sIPAffinity

FROM NmsDelivery

WHERE iDeliveryMode=1

AND iState IN (51,55,61,62,71,81)

AND iDeleteStatus=0 AND iIsModel=0 AND sIPAffinity IN ('default')



iState IN (55,62,71,81)

OR (iState = 61 AND (tsNextPass IS NULL OR tsNextPass <= SYSDATETIMEOFFSET()))

OR (iState = 51 AND (tsContact IS NULL OR tsContact <= SYSDATETIMEOFFSET()))

) ORDER BY iState