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Hi all,

Does any one know hierarchy / relation between different xtkworkflow% schema's i.e. below

XtkWorkflow (Workflows)

XtkWorkflowEvent (Event)

XtkWorkflowJob (Workflow in waiting state)

XtkWorkflowLog (Log list)

XtkWorkflowLogin (List of logins)

XtkWorkflowTask (Elementary task)

I understand xtkworkflow contains metadata details of each and every workflow, how does other workflow related tables gets populated. For example, what exactly is relation between workflowevent & workflowtask etc.



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Hi ankitkochar,

To make more sense, the ones you see in your workflow design you can call it as Activity and during execution can be called Task.

As per my understanding the hierarchy would be,

Workflow->Workflow Task-> Event.

Workflow job is to hold information of scheduled or wait activities of a workflow.