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URL Label Issue


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Hi Team,


Could you please provide me the solution for the below link label issue.


"Currently NA BAU Link Label only captures product info for click to follow up. However it does not contain link description and therefore it is difficult for Analytics to troubleshoot.  We need to combine product info and link description to be URL label."


Example URL label name : PRODUCT_Inspiron_DXT_3up3_Shop_Now


Please guide me on character limit if there is any.



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Hi @Gangadhar_Reddy1 

If I understand you well, you want the URL label to be dynamic that it includes a Product (let say Code) in its label?

In Campaign, URL Labels are static as they are created when a Delivery is saved.

Saying that, depending on how many such URL you would have in your delivery, if you could ensure that each URL label is unique during the delivery preparation and if the product element is the same for all recipient within the same delivery, you could envisage to dynamically change the PRODUCT part via a typology rule of type Control. We have customer overwriting the label during Delivery preparation to make the label unique in case the label was duplicated in the delivery. For instance, you got 2 CTAs going to Home Page and in the Delivery, the label of these URLS is jsut HOME, the typology will ensure that each CTA has its own label: HOME and HOME_1 for instance...

In your scenario, replacing it by a Product Code during delivery preparation will certainly required cumbersome HTML manipulation using also the target... not sure it would work either, this will have to be tested...


In a nutshell, dynamic URL label in Campaign isn't supported as much as labels are defined when you save a Delivery and they are then set in stone. Via Typology Rules, you might be able to introduce a certain levle of dynamim but it is also very limited..


Hope this helps,