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Store the web form responses in a custom folder


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Hello Community,


I have a requirement like 

  1. Create a web form with few attributes
  2. Store the values in a custom folder for querying.


I created a web form and all the responses are stored in the Recipient folder.I couldn't find what are all the data that came through the forms (new entries). So thought of creating a new folder to store the web form responses since i have to query those new recipients but the values are not captured. Can someone help me with this issue 


Thank you

Sree varshini 


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Hi @Sreevarshini-P ,

Can you check the configuration of storage activity, it seems you have not correctly configured the same.





Kindly check the form in the preview mode(Enable Debug mode: Checked) and add the data asked based on the respective fields.


The form should log the responses  fine. If not there should be some issue in configuration.


Also check if in Storage activity, you have  correctly configured the data to be stored in a folder under Profiles and targets> Recipients and added the and added the END activity.


To enrich the data of recipients in the database, edit the storage box and select the reconciliation key. For internal use (typically an intranet system) or for a form used to create new profiles for instance, you can select the reconciliation field(s). The box offers all fields of the database used in the various pages of the Web application:





You can select a search folder for reconciliation and the creation folder for new profiles. If these fields are empty, the profiles are searched for and created in the operator’s default folder.


Let me know if you got the same, we can discuss more as I am not sure of your configuration so can't debug with just above information.



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Hi @aggabhi 


Thank you for your response. 


Yes as you said the form responses are storing good and fine in recipient folder. But i need all my form response to be stored in a custom folder so that i can easily find out who are all registered by forms. 


I tried giving the folder name in the storage activity but it seems to be not working and i am not sure whether it will work or where to configure




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Hi @Sreevarshini-P ,

I think I got your query now more clearly.


Basic Concept :-


If you look at folder definition in 'Recipient' or 'Service' schema, Default Folder definition is always specified, i.e if user is not specifying where record will be saved, there is always a default Folder location.





Now my understanding is that if you need to store your values in your custom folder, that custom folder link has to define in your recipient schema.


Link to a folder (“xtk:folder” schema):

<element default="DefaultFolder('nmsFolder')" label="Folder" name="folder" revDesc="Recipients in the folder" revIntegrity="own" revLabel="Recipients" target="xtk:folder" type="link"/>


Ref :- https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/configuring-campaign-classic/schema-r...


Hope it helps.


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Hello @Sreevarshini-P 


You can select the folder in the creation folder option highlighted below. All new records will be created in the selected folder.




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Thank you @Manoj_Kumar_ 


I've tried that but it seems not to be working.