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Split opened/not opened after an email


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Hi, we have Adobe v 6.1.1 and I am trying to build a workflow that goes like this:

Email nr 1 > Wait 5 days > Split on opened/not opened > Send Email nr2 for non opened Email nr1and send Email nr3 for opened Email nr1

But, it is not working, everybody goes into the non opened part of the split and our Adobe Consulting company says it is because when you play the workflow, it the data you have at that moment i Recipient Delivery Logs that are used in the splits later on. But since the Email nr 1 has not been sent at that moment when I play it, the Recipient Delivery log is empty, therefore everybody goes into the "not opened Email nr 1" part of the split later on in the workflow.

Our consulting company, who built our Adobe environment, told me that do be able to do so, I have to put an enrichment between the wait and the split, and create an enrichment based on a link for a temporary schema, where I link the Recipient Delivery Logs so that it updates the workflow with data from the Recipient Delivery Log so that we can get the data if people have opened Email nr1 or not.

It seems to be working, but every time I try to copy the workflow, all the enrichment looses their info and I have to rebuild everything. Witch is not a good solution. Because I don't want to be building new big workflows like that all the time. We have about 40 different brands with 2-3 campaign each every month so building a big flow like this for all the campaigns is way to much work.

Is there any other way to do what I want to accomplish? I found a video on Adobes website, where you have an email node, then a wait node, then a split based on Recipient Delivery Logs and it seems to be working. I mean this is like super mega basic Marketing Automation I want to achieve, meaning building a flow with several emails based on triggers based on behavior on previous emails...

Looking forward any good tips,

Regards from a hopeful Marketing Automation Specialist in Sweden

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Skärmavbild 2017-11-01 kl. 15.19.11.png

Here is a picture of an example-flow



Hello Frederik,

When you say you are copying the workflow , how exactly are you doing that.

The recommended way is to Duplicate it by going to the workflow folder and right click and select Duplicate . If you do this , I believe the Enrichment will not break.





HI Fredrick,

It should work without having Enrichment. Could you please open the Split activity and send the screenshot of the query? It should be something like the below screenshot.



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Hi Adhiyan! Well when I click on duplicate workflow, the splits in the new workflow still looses the info of witch enrichment and the temporary schema linked to delivery logs get lost in the enrichment.

But when I skip the enrichment part, meaning I just put email > wait e.g. 1day > split on open or not, everybody goes into the "not opened" part of the split. Even though our recipient delivery logs updates every hour. So the split goes on data from when I played the workflow. That can't be how it works no? I mean their should be an easier way to accomplish what I want without using the enrichment method?


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Hi ramarajeshk90896120!

Thanks for the reply! 

Here is a screenshot of the query

Skärmavbild 2017-11-02 kl. 08.17.32.png