Sending Email to Non-Openers.



I was working on a workflow and have hard time figuring out how to build one. There are 2 parts:- 

1) I have sent the email to the targeted audience.

2) The next will be to send same email to the ones who did not open the first.


It is a promotional email not a Transactional or Triggered one.


I am really struggling in the 2nd part and would require your support. Also, do i have to create a different workflow or will that be the continuation of the first part. 


Any response is welcome 🙂


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @Kanwar92 ,

In the second part you can look at Recipient delivery code with the delivery Code of the Initial send to check a sent status and then you can check the tracking logs to check if they exists or not.


The Query will look like this:

recipient delivery logs   exists such as
  delivery/deliveryCode  equal to  YOUR_INITIAL_DELIVERY_CODE

  status equal to send
Recipient tracking logs does not exist


This will give you the list of users who never opened/clicked.


Let me know if that helps.




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