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Can someone explain the difference between how Adobe Campaign measures a recipient versus a distinct click please?


I've sent a 'live' test email to my email address to look at some new functionality. However, after clicking on some links a few times I've noticed in the 'Broadcast statistics' that clicks are at 200%. I believe this looks at distinct clicks but how can this be 200% as it's only been sent to me and I'm the only one who has clicked?




In the 'Tracking Indicators' report recipient clicks are 100% which is correct but am a bit confused about the % of the distinct clicks.


Any help would be appreciated.






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Accepted Solutions (1)




Distinct clicks on Campaign is based on source ids, not on recipients.

Lets say if you have two links in your delivery, and clicked on both of them, you will see two distinct clicks.

You can see the formula provided in doc Indicator Calculation 

if you are looking at @personclick(Distinct clicks on the population reached), the formula is Countdistinct(Iif([url/@type]=1, @source-id, 0))

Source id is unique to each link, hence if you click on two different links in same email , your distinct click count will be 2.

And the percentage of distinct clicks will be @distinctClicks whose formla is percent([indicators/@personClick], [indicators/@success])

personclick is 2 in your case(if you clicked on two different links), and success is only one(only sent to you), which makes 200% of distinct clicks.


If you have 5 links and clicked on all of them , you should see 500% distinct clicks. Thanks!

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Answers (1)




Hey Luke,


Please refer below link to get details of each indicator calculation


Tracking indicators