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Linking survey responses to a recipient


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I am using ACC v7 and have setup a web application that uses the survey module to enable customers to provide extra information about themselves. The survey successfully submits the information and this information can be viewed in the responses. However, I can't find a way to link each response back to the customer that submitted them. 


Customers receive links to the survey via emails that are sent from the same instance of ACC. The only difference with our setup is that we don't send the emails from the recipient table but another table that is linked to the recipients table. For reference, the survey url in our emails has the following structure:




Any help you can provide to link the survey responses to a customer will be much appreciated.


Thanks, Paul

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Hello @paul_wotton,


As I understood, you have custom targeting dimension table ( for e.g customerTable) and you are sending email directly from this table. This table has unique Id e.g. cryptedId. Based on this Id you can find a recipeint.


For me best and easy solution seems, you should pass the recipient Id in the URL. It does not matter if you are sending email from different table. You can include the recipient Id on the URL then it would link the response automatically. 


You have a link between customer table and recipient. In your workflow, add the recipient Id  in the addition data.




Create URL in the email like below: 

http://domain.co.uk/webApp/surveyV1?id=<%= escapeUrl(cryptString(targetData.recipientId)) %>


It should link the response with recipient, if you create your survey questions based on recipient schema. 






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Hi Parvesh,


Unfortunately your suggestion above has not worked for me.


We have the recipient table which is linked to our customer table using our own custom customerId field. We send our emails from the customer table but I can only get the web app url to work from an email when I use the primary key (@id) from our customer table. If use the primary key from the recipient table or the customerId from the customer table, the web app errors and displays the Error Page text. Only our customerId is the only field that has the same value in both tables.


However although I can access the web app using the primary key, the responses are not linking to the customer record, so I can't work out which customer submitted which response.


Other information that may help:

- the storage: document type is set to our customer table

- survey and log responses are enabled in advanced parameters


Any help you can provide to link the web app responses to a customer will be really appreciated.


Thanks, Paul



Hi @paul_wotton,

Was the given solution helpful to resolve your query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know. 

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Sukrity Wadhwa