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We're hosted on ACC v7 build 8894 with Postgres as our DB.  Since we don't have a pre-prod region, our end users build campaign workflows directly on Prod and play/test with it.  The testing on Prod results in large data sets being sent from one activity to the other, multiple running until they get the desired target list, saving interim run results .  Instead, we were thinking if they can limit these test runs on a subset of the larger data, it would result in faster workflow execution whilst still be able to give the end users enough confidence with the target list generated. 


D'ya guys happen to have any thoughts around this or any easier way to achieve this?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello wALF,


Have to agree entirely with Wodnicki here as testing directly in production is against recommended best practices.  Additionally using the Keep Interim Results is also not recommended as it retains temp data within the database and can cause performance issues.  That setting should only be used on a limited basis to troubleshoot a workflow, then turned off.




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You really want to spin up at least one non-prod env.

If queries are running slowly, first place to check is indexes: join, filter, sort columns. Beyond that, check the hardware sizing of the db, if vm bump its cpu/memory allocation as appropriate.

Failing all that, use nms:seedMember to host test records, with the caveat this will require significant manual effort or some light scripting/Excel to generate.