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How to remove out of the box index from a custom shcema permanently.


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I wan to remove out of the box index from my customized schema. When I do that using DROP Index script,the index gets removed but whenever I do a update database structure on that schema, the indexes gets added again. Is there a way to remove the out of the box indexes permanently?

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Hi Abhijeet,


Can you provide us with an understanding of the use case as to why you'd want to remove the indexes on the OOTB schemas? Those indexes have been added for performance reasons and it isn't recommended to remove these.


Additionally can you tell us which schemas and which indexes you are trying to remove?






Hi @AbhijeetSrivastava,

Were you able to resolve this query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.



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Hi @AbhijeetSrivastava ,

Pls can you put some pseudo code to explain this?





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I'm considering removing a few of the indexes from the recipient table of ACC due to bloat and general space usage. 


The indexes I'm considering deleting are: 
@origin - since the field is not in use

@account - since the field is not in use

@FirstName - since there are 2 indexes where one is searchFromStart which I'd keep

@lastName - see firstName