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How to make One-Click List Unsubscribe trackable


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Hi Team,
I have recently implemented the One-Click List Unsubscribe feature through the delivery header option. However, I am currently seeking guidance on how we can effectively monitor and track events when a user interacts with the Unsubscribe button.

If anyone has experience or has successfully implemented a similar tracking mechanism, your insights and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


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Hi @Prady12 

You can't and you shouldn't, ISP will certainly see it very suspiciously too and you might do more damage to your reputation than the unsusbcription itself....

What you could do though is

  • Building the 1-click to also accept the delivery name as well as the recipient encrypted it 
  • If the resulting landing page, you execute the unsusbcription and you can create a tracking log of type opt-out...

It'd be much safer


Alternatively, you could build the tracking log record indirectly by looking at the unsubscription that has occurred the sending of an email and arbitrarily allocate create the opt-out tracking logs... from a metric point of view, that would work too ..


But you can't have it tracked as any other URL, not will advise to do it


Hope this helps,





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Hello @Prady12 


Since the click would result in an opt-out you can track the opt-out result in the nms: address schema with the text entry of "Email_Client_Unsubscribe". That is the only way to track the opt-out/click from a list-header unsubscribe.


The List unsubscribe URL functionality is only supported by Gmail. So it is not the best option.

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Hello @Manoj_Kumar_ , Does the list-header unsubscribe click automatically populate in the nms:address table due to Out-Of-Box functionality, or is there any action required on our part to make that happen?