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How to check how many mail delivered to SAPM when sending emails by ACC


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I want to know how to check how many mails delivered to spam instead of inbox for a delivery.





Vijai Karthik

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Hi @eyvkarthik ,

Once the delivery is sent out from ACC, We can't track in which recipient's inbox folder the mail reaches. It depends on Email / IP reputation, the email may reach in SPAM folder. 

But Before triggering the Email, you can able to predict whether your email will reach in SPAM folder or in inbox by using anti-spam checking tools like SpamAssassin or Litmus.

SpamAssassin - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/sending-messages/deliverability-manag...

Litmus - https://www.litmus.com/spam-filter-tests


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Hi @ParthaSarathy 


If i am not wrong we cant get counts in ACC like opens ,click which is in broadlogRcp schema. 

The only thing we can do is anti-spam checking in delivery level.


Adding is there any way to avoid for mail reaching recipient spam 


Community Advisor

@eyvkarthik , Even though the mail reaches the SPAM folder, the status of the broadLog record will be 'Sent' and if the recipient open the email from Spam folder and open / clicked the links, the tracking log records will get captured.

Follow the best practices while creating delivery (Reference document) and as mentioned earlier, before triggering the email, check 'Anti-spam check' using either SpamAssassin or Litmus. It will analyze the delivery content and give you the points where you can make modifications so that the delivery will reach Inbox folder and not in SPAM.