How show different ENUM lists based on variable in input form?



How can I decide what enum list to show in a delivery based on a variable I have in the input form?

I don't need anything for creating/changing the enum values or the enum lists themselves. ONLY the path itself that leads to a existing Platform Enumeration list. So the path itself should be the only thing that could be different based on the variable.

Right now I am able to show the enum list (from Enumerations under Platform) and be able to chose between the enums with this:

(I have changed names to make it easier to understand)

In delivery schema:


<attribute dbEnum="xtk:enum:one_keyword"
           label="Keyword" length="100" name="keyword"


In delivery Input form:


<container colspan="1">
      <input label="Keyword" xpath="@one_keyword"/>


The enum list is in Platform-->Enumerations and not made in the schema, since I am dependent on not having to change the schema to add/change enum values. (So I am not currently using <enumeration></enumeration> )

But I want to be able to, based on a variable (e.g that's stored in /tmp/ in the input form) or similar, to change the path to the enum list that will be displayed.

So, if the variable I have has the value "one", I want this to be the chosen displayed enum list path:

If the variable's value is "two"

If the variable's value is "three"


... and so on.

Kind of like this if that was possible, or something similar:

Or if I could define the dbEnum directly in the input form instead of in the schema, that would also be nice! Is this possible?

I will have maybe 20 different enum lists, so would be great if there's a way without making 20 attibute copies.

Would really appreciate replies and suggestions!

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Do you need to do this in input form?


If you ultimate aim is to add Platform enumerations based on different variables, you can achieve this via Javascript also.

Design a JS: which will insert values in xtk:enum based on variable passed.

There are two approach possible:

1) Pass list of variable in workflow and perform insert operation in xtk:enum using JS activity.

2) Use SOAP call to your JS function which will perform insert on each variable value.