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How can I use API on ACC v7 or v8. How does it works?


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Hi there!

I need some help to understand how can I use APIs on ACC v7/v8. Many thanks!

In theory, I know that ACC v7 works with Javascript and SOAP protocol (XML). But I have never participated in an ACC integration project with another external system using APIs. I only made integrations using connectors and file import/export.

Tell me if I'm correct. To integrate ACC with an external system via APIs, in theory I know that ACC uses Javascript calls to the SOAP protocol. That's all I know.

I found documentation here on Adobe's website about ACC v8 for using APIs. But I found it a little confusing.

But I also found this ACC v8 documentation on using APIs. But that this documentation references the ACC v7 documentation.

In short. From what I understand so far, ACC v8 and ACC v7 work in similar ways. That is, with Javascript calls to the SOAP protocol, to be able to communicate with external systems.

I have not found. But tell me if there is any example, a use case, that is didactic, so that I can understand how the use of APIs with ACC v7 and v8 works.



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Hi @campaigns01 

I've worked using APIs with Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS). But ACS uses REST API(JSON) protocol. And ACC uses SOAP protocol (XML).

I believe you are on the right path. If it was with ACS I could help more. But I think that this documentation you found is already the beginning for you to start to understand how ACC works with APIs.




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Thanks @acc_acs for your help on ACS.

But I hope someone here help me on ACC, How does it works, using APIs.



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Hi @campaigns01 ,

There are some tools to help you to comunicate to external API, in Javascript context (mainly workflow, but also in Webapp, JSSP etc.)

You can use HTTP request, with severals objects, you can find some documentation here :



If you need to use SOAP, there are also objects, but I didn't use it for long time, and a this moment, I had to implement myself SOAP protocol with HTTPRequest because the envelopp built by the native ACC Object were not correctly reconized by my partner :



Unfortunatly, if you need to go with another protocol than HTTP (like Kafka, or Graphite), there are no tools. You can use external tools with the execCommand, but it's not very safe, and may be unstable.





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Hi @CedricRey ,


Many thanks for your response! 


How does all this work together?

Is there any simplified scheme to explain by the mechanics of how ACC integration via API works?

Sorry for so many questions. But I still haven't quite figured out how these components work that you just mentioned to understand how ACC works with API services.

In ACS, the API service is much simpler to use. With the ACC I really found it a bit confusing.