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Error on workflow : Jobs on deliveries in campaigns (deliveryMgt)


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Hello, I am facing an issue with one technical workflow since these past few days, the Jobs on deliveries in campaigns workflow (deliveryMgt) and occurs at the alert notification activity.


When looking at the logs of this workflow, they inform me to look at the delivery log ID for the delivery that cause the issue.

This is what I have for the logs of the delivery (issue with the limit date delivery and start date delivery)



What can cause such an error ? The workflow (deliveryMgt) was running fine before and the deliveries were created with the same exact protocole as I did before. I don't know if this can help but this is what I have in the properties of the delivery that cause the issue.


Is there somewhere else I can look to fix this workflow/deliveries and how to resolve such an error ?

Thank you in advance

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Delete the errant 'notification of validations' delivery and restart workflow.




Hello Jon,

Thank you for your answer, I delete all the deliveries that contains the label 'notification of validations' and restart the workflow. I will come back to you with an update if the workflow manage to fail again or not.

Kind regards.

Hello, I come back with some news and unfortunately, the technical workflow manage to fail again with the same issue (date of delivery). Do you know if there is something I can do to fix that ? FYI, the error mention the exact limit date of the delivery as the previous error I got as seen on the screenshot below.


Thank you in advance


Hi @ Jonathon_Wodnicki, Can you help @thibaultb473199 any further? Thanks!

Sukrity Wadhwa