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Dynamically Assign Coupon Codes and coupon values to a delivery


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I am assigning the delivery.coupon_id=instance.vars.vCouponCode; in the script of the delivery activity (* delivery). This seems to successfully assign the coupon id to the delivery.


During personalisation, the delivery fails, from what I can ascertain <% couponValue.couponCode %> is not being successfully resolved during personalisation.


Any insights into how to dynamically assign the coupon and coupon values to a delivery during workflow execution?


*Note the coupon is individual.






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When you say "Coupon is individual", do you mean that there is one coupon id per recipient in the targeted audience? Recipient A receives coupon code A while recipient B receives coupon code B. Or is it the same coupon code across the whole delivery?

Do you have a record in the nms:coupon entity that is linked to the Delivery via the coupon-id field?

The syntax to add the coupon code might be <%= message.delivery.coupon.code %>