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Distribution of value taking more time to load


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Hi All,


The Distribution of Values button used for fields with a defined LOV while building a Query activity has regularly taking more than a couple minutes to load the LOV or (more often) gets stuck in a hung state (loading list). If the user doesn't click Cancel then this results in an error.

The Targeting dimension and Filtering dimension are different schemas. Is it because of that, this loading time is more? The issue is coming in Production environment and the Distribution of Values is loading within 20 seconds in Stage environment.


Could someone please help us figure out the issue and resolve it.




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Hello @Greeshma_Sampath1 


It seems to be a indexing issue. Can you check if the field you are trying to pull is indexed?


If it is then it should not take much time. May in staging you have less data that is why it is loading under 20 seconds.

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Hi _Manoj_Kumar ,


The field is indexed and the number of data is same for stage and prod.

Is there any other probability that might have caused this issue ?