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Hi, when the user runs a workflow, at the end there is a delivery activity, after all the validation and approvals the workflow is complete, when you click in the Campaign dashboard to validate the deliveries, you can see your delivery mark as Finished (Green circle with the check icon), when you click on it you can see the details about the delivery, BUT there is one Cancel button next to the Open one.

The question is  HOW to disable/delete the button (RED SQUARE IN THE IMAGE) so that the user can not cancel the delivery that is marked as finished.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 5.02.47 PM.png


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Answers (1)



Hi oscar.mendez ,

Finished status represents Adobe Campaign workflow server execution is completed where as the cancel button in the dashboard is applicable  for the MTA server which will process your delivery content. Disabling this button might lead to not cancel the processing delivery for any business  reasons. However you can disable this button specific to particular operator rights. Please check with Adobe PS team for customisation on this.


Prem Kumar Ganesan