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Breakdown of opens global report - "Unknown" and "Proxy"


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Hi Community! 

I wanted to have a rough understanding of the distribution of opens across devices. So I've looked at the standard report "Breakdown of opens" I see some strange cases that I hope some of you have a good explanaton to. Any inputs are much appreciated! 


I am a bit curious about why there is almost 50% opens that is labeled "Unknown". Does anyone know what UserAgent details may result in an unknown open agent? 



Can anyone confirm, that when a tracking pixel is opened through a proxy, then we are unable to distinguish the device that opened it? Since the amount of proxy opens in our case are exactly the same for "mobile" chart and "fix and mobile" chart. 



What does "default" cover when looking at the browser chart? 



I've attached a screendump for reference.breakdownOfOpens.PNG

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from my experience there's a good chance that the "Unknown" devices are Apple Mail (macOS and iOS) entities with Mail protection enabled. The feature was introduced by Apple in September last year, so if you have look at tracking data from around that time you might be able to see less "Unknown" devices. (see https://blog.adobe.com/en/publish/2021/06/24/what-apples-mail-privacy-protection-means-for-email-mar... and https://www.litmus.com/blog/apple-mail-privacy-protection-for-marketers/)

Regarding the "Proxy" entries, this might be the Google image proxy. Google's Gmail as a similar feature like the Apple Mail privacy feature in place and this shows up as "Proxy". (see https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-campaign-standard/proxy-device-in-quot-opens-...)

I don't see the Browser data in your screenshot, but this might also come back to the Apple Mail privacy switch. 

Overall I would say the "Opens" metric becomes more or less irrelevant, because it does not really reflect the exact truth. I recommend customers to look at different metrics, like clicks or conversions.

Best regards, Tobias


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Hi tobias, thanks for your reply! 

So regarding the proxy - Do you know if device is distinguishable through the proxy, or if any open through googles image proxy is generic? 



Hi @Tobias_Lohmann

Could you please help @SorenDP here further with their query?


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