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A/B Test - Approval for Winning Email


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All - question. When running the A/B test in Adobe - once the winner is picked, is there a way to configure the Delivery so that both Target Approval and Confirm Delivery can be set up. My client is wishing to approve the Audience for both the test emails - which is easy enough since I'm using a single send delivery and can configure the approval steps there. But the winning email just used the Delivery - which is set to 'Prepare'. I know that give me a chance to Confirm delivery - but it does not send the auto notification to the client for them to approve. 



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Hello @montezh2001 


You can use this code in A/B Script



delivery.scheduling.validationMode="manual"; //This sets the confirm deliveyr option
delivery.validation.useTargetValidation=1; // this enabled the Enable content approval


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@Manoj_Kumar_  Thank you for the code. I implemented it and I can see when the winning Delivery is selected the Target Approval is checked. However, the Delivery still only shows me 'Confirm delivery' and no option for 'Target Approval'. 


I was hoping that since this was going to a prepared status, it would allow me to configure the Delivery and then kick off to start Analyze and Prepare. 



Hi @montezh2001,

Were you able to resolve this query with the given solutionor do you still need help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa