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AC Tips & Tricks: Execute delivery notifications from webapps


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A simple method to execute notification deliveries on the fly without relying on a workflow to perform the delivery phase. This approach is effective if you need to send a small volume of notifications triggered by user actions on webapps, i.e. user data profile changes, preference centre changes, password changes, etc. temporary data is captured at webapp context and xml delivery target enriched with these values that are then rendered by delivery template.



var scenario      = 'DM6885'; // delivery template internal name (string)
var recipientId   = 13250506; // target recipient - change to variable containing id
        var deliveryId = nms.delivery.SubmitNotification(scenario,
              <targetPart exclusion='false' ignoreDeleteStatus='false'>
                  <condition expr={'@id='+recipientId} />



You could select all targets in a folder by changing the expression (expr='[@folder-id] = 1050') where 1050 is the ID of the folder containing recipients. Explore multiple ways of targeting recipients by checking the documentation JSAPI.

Template configuration

To enrich delivery with values assigned to variables, configuration is required on the template. You can configure these variable by going to template’s “Properties/Variables”. In the following example a template has been configured to capture data modified on a bookings webapp.


The following html will render delivery variable data.

First name


Last name










SubmitNotification enhanced

Now that your template is configured, the javascript code must be enhanced to capture and compile delivery with variables.


        var scenario      = 'DM000'; // delivery template internal name
        var recipientId   = 123567; //delivery target
        var xmlTarget =  <delivery>
                              <targetPart exclusion='false' ignoreDeleteStatus='false'>
                                  <condition expr={'@id='+recipientId} />
         var model  = nms.delivery.CreateFromModel(scenario, xmlTarget); //creation of a delivery from a template's internal name
         var delivery   = nms.delivery.create(model);             

          delivery.variables._var[0].stringValue = ctx.vars.availability.toString();    //availability                                       
          delivery.variables._var[1].stringValue = ctx.vars.requirements.toString();    //requirements
          delivery.variables._var[2].stringValue = ctx.vars.email.toString();           //email
          delivery.variables._var[3].stringValue = ctx.vars.telephone.toString();       //telephone
          delivery.variables._var[4].stringValue = ctx.vars.lastName.toString();        //lastName
          delivery.variables._var[5].stringValue = ctx.vars.firstName.toString();       //firstName

          nms.delivery.PrepareFromId(delivery.id); //analyze a delivery


In the following webapp example, recipient makes changes to their profile, these temp values are pre-processed (stored in custom schema or recipient schema) and then notification email is triggered to recipient about the recent changes, note that the recipient ID is hardcoded in this case for testing purposes.







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