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Using events from Adobe Analytics as Signals in Audience Manager


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I'm trying to use events captured in Adobe Analytics as signals in Audience Manger. I've done the necessary setup including enabling server side forwarding option.

Based on the AAM documentation, we can refer to the Adobe Analytics variable in AAM by using the 'c_' prefix in the Analytics variables. For example: 'c_eVar1' to refer to AA variable eVar1.


However I'm not able to see any data for the signal 'c_events' inside AAM even though we are capturing events like event1, purchase, etc, in AA. So my question is, can we not refer event variables in AAM using 'c_events' key just like we do for eVars and props (c_eVar1, c_prop1)?



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Hi there,


Are you able to search for that event under signals dashboard?

Go to Signals and search for c_events contains [leave the value blank] and minimum hits as 1 for last 30 days.





Varun Kalra





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@Varun_Kalra: Thanks for the reply. Actually I found my mistake. I had setup the event in Adobe Launch but had not enabled it in Adobe Analytics. So that's why the event wasn't being sent over to AAM and hence not showing up in signals dashboard.


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Hi Varun,
I am not finding my successful form submission event in signal section of AAM. However data is coming in analytics, server side forwarding is enabled and I am getting other signals also. 
Event is also enabled in report suite and I can see the data in analytics. Any thought on this??