Error while Connecting S3 Account while Winscp



HI Team,

We have got our S3 account setup for AAM, and when we tried to access the bucket we were not able to make it. We are getting an error called "Could not resolve hostname '': No such host is know." Connect Failed

We are not sure this is because  with the hostname or something else. I refer in the documentation where it is mentioned to use demdex-s2s-clients for production. Any help would be appreciate the root cause for this error.

Please refer this link Send Batch Data to Audience Manager Overview

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It sounds like you may be using demdex-s2s-clients as the hostname, this is incorrect, the host name should be ''.

You should have been provided with a directory such as 'demdex-s2s-clients/mycompanyname', it may have even been provided as 's3://demdex-s2s-clients/mycompanyname'

Here is an example of what the WinSCP setup would look like:


Then you will want to enter the directory using the Advanced Site Settings: