AAM segment has population data, but the destination it's mapped to shows "0" for addressable audiences and match rate




I have a segment that's getting populated, but the addressable audience stats on the segment detail page show all zeros.

I'm wondering why, if the segment has matches, the addressable audience stats aren't showing these.

The segment is mapped to a server-to-server destination that uses declared ID. The segment uses Last Authenticated + Current Device Profile as its profile merge rule.

ID syncing seems to be working properly. I see the proper response on the AA beacon in the browser.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Nancy,

It is not necessary that you should be seeing the match rate for all kind of destinations.

Could you tell which server to server destination is that ? (Name of the partner)

Also, do you see an ID sync call being fired for that partner when you open the site or app page for the first time (new incognito window)?

Segment addressable audience is the number of devices in the segment that had an ID sync with that partner (s2s destination).


Varun Kalra

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