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Workspace: Metric Agnostic % change column


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Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if it is possible to create a "metric agnostic" % change column in workspace. In workspace I have several tables where:

Column A is a list of metrics
Columns B and C are different date ranges


MetricsLast MonthThis Month
Metric 1123123
Metric 2123123
Metric 3123123

This helps me quickly see metric performance against different time periods. However at the moment, if I want to add a % change column, I need to export this into excel to do that calculation. I'd like to be able to add an additional column in workspace which shows the % change, regardless of what metrics are included in the table, or what date ranges are used, i.e.


MetricsLast MonthThis Month% Change
Metric 1123123xx
Metric 2123123xx
Metric 3123123xx

It appears when the table is in this configuration the "compare time periods" option is not available. And I can't think of a way to do this in a calculated metric.

Does anyone know if what I am after is possible?



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You may use in built feature to compare data between date ranges. Right Click on the metric > Select Add Time... and then select a time period. Let mw know if that helps.







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@tcrewes1 this solution probably isn't exactly what you want, e.g. where the % difference column operates on whatever metric you have in your table. But at least you don't need to export your table to Excel to calculate the difference manually.