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Wildcards for contains segment?


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Somehow some of my team's URLs are getting distributed with multiple question marks in them. We have an evar pulling in the entire query string, so I'd like to use that to build a segment based off of that evar to look at this data a bit deeper. However, I'm unsure of how to build a segment that looks for a question mark and then a second question mark later in the evar value.


It seems intuitive to somehow input a wildcard between and after the question marks but I'm not sure if Analytics supports such wildcards?


How would I build this segment? Thank you!

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Unfortunately, wildcards aren't supported...


I cannot think of any way to make a segment that looks for multiple of the same character.


However, there are some options:


1. Use Report Builder

You can create an Excel file that uses Report Builder to pull in the data, then use Excel logic to find the URLs with multiple ?

Unfortunately, you will be limited on what you can drill down on with this solution...


2. You could create a temporary Classification on your eVar

Using Classification Rule Builder, you can use a Regex Rule (a regex rule like \?.*\? ) to identify the eVars that contain multiple ? (map the classification to a simple value like "yes" / "no")

Then you can create a segment for Classification equals "yes"

This way you have access to all correlations within Adobe



If this were me, I would probably use option 2. It would be the easiest to make full use of all the potential correlation data available to me quickly and easily... When done, the classification rule can be deleted and the classification removed.


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Hi @evan9 


To find a question mark followed by a second question mark, you can use a regular expression. Adobe Analytics supports regular expressions in segments.


You can use a regular expression like this: 




This regular expression matches a question mark followed by any characters and then followed by a second question mark. It essentially looks for two question marks in the eVar value.


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Segments don't support regular expressions. Which is why I suggested using Classifications using Regex.