Why does difference exist between monthly visits and total of daily visits in adobe analytics?



1) Extract monthly period visit in adobe analytics

2) Extract daily period visits in adobe analytics

1) does not correspond with the total of daily visits. Why does this happen?

Please give clear help or answer to omniture beginner!

THank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



A single visit can span across two days. For example, consider a visit that starts at 11:30pm on October 23rd and ends on 12:15am on October 24th. For the month of October, you'd see one visit. For October 23rd, you'd see one visit; for October 24th you'd also see one visit. If you add those two together (which you shouldn't) you'd get 2 - which isn't an accurate measure of how many visits you had in the month of October, in our example you only had 1.

Same as Andrey's answer - this applies to both Unique Visitors and Visits.

Reference: ​Visit Metric Definition