Which metric should be used for Reporting Against dimension (column) created using Custom Rule Builder



I am classifying the data from one of our evar with Name UnclassfiedData. We have classified that into 2 columns classify1, classify2.

Now that I got data into those columns, i want to create reports(freeform) out of that in workspace. Which metrics I should use against above 2 dimension columns?

By default for any evar, we have occurrences metric and evar instances metric for that report. What do we have those dimensions created using classification rule builder? below is the example for evar(Gender) i have used metric as Gender Instances

Gender Instances

What should be metrics for below dimensions?

Classify 1

Classify 2

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Accepted Solutions (1)




In general, you can use any metric.

The classification based dimensions inherit all properties from the original dimension. If you used to look at eVar Instances (Gender Instances), you can continue to apply this metric to the classifications like Classify1 and Classify2 in your example.

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