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What's the replacement of s.referrer in WebSDk


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We have moved our pages to AEP WebSDK on some pages and for us to implement below, we would need to know where in XDM would the Referrer be? 


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Use the "web.webReferrer.URL" field in your XDM object.

Reference: list of automatically mapped variables: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/implementation/aep-edge/variable-mapping.html?lang...


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To implement a solution similar to the one described in the "Redirects & Tracking Codes" article using Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Web SDK, you'll need to send the referrer information as part of the XDM schema in your track events.

Here's how you can achieve this:

First, create a custom XDM field to store the referrer information. In the Adobe Experience Platform, navigate to your XDM schema and add a new field (e.g., webReferrer) under the appropriate data type (such as WebPageDetails).

In your website's code, extract the referrer information from the URL. You can use JavaScript to get the referrer URL:


const referrerUrl = document.referrer;

In your track event call, include the referrer information within the XDM schema. For example:

alloy("sendEvent", {
"xdm": {
"web": {
"webPageDetails": {
"webReferrer": referrerUrl

Now that you're sending the referrer information as part of your XDM schema, you can set up processing rules in Adobe Analytics to capture this data in a prop or eVar.

By following these steps, you can track referrer information using AEP Web SDK and include it in your Adobe Analytics reports.

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