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Weekly conversion rate calculation in Adobe Analytics


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I wanted to create a calculated metrics giving me weekly conversion. For example, previous week if the total conversion for a dimension is lets say was 200 and the prior week if it was 240 so I can get two items given the time selected is last two weeks.


Any thought here would be helpful.

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I'm going to assume the conversion calculation is something like "Orders / Visits"... or maybe it's just straight up "Orders"


Either way, you can set up custom date ranges:


Two Weeks Ago:






Here you can see my panel is set to "Last Week", and I have used my custom date range to set "Two Weeks Ago" (I can leave as the default showing the date range, or explicitly rename it to "Two Weeks Ago") so I can see how my conversions change over time...


To create an in-report only date range, just click on the column metric and select "Add Time Period Column"



(under that there are some pre-defined options, or the option to create a custom range, which is what I did)



If I want to do a Percent Change, I can create a calculated metric from these two columns to see if my values went up or down. Select the two columns right click, select "Create Metric from Selection" > "Percent Change"




Note, Percent Change doesn't work well with a "Day" Breakdown, so you might have to use something more generic like "All Visits".

Also make sure your columns are in the correct order for the percent change to calculate the correct positive/negative parity.


Percent Change will automatically be set to use "Conditional Background" but you might want to tweek it from "Auto-Generated" to something more manual, so that your positive values are always green (or colour of your choice) and your negative values are always red (or colour of your choice)







This might help:

  • Open up Analysis Workspace
  • Have an empty freeform table ready in the workspace
  • Drop the dimension as column on the left of the freeform table
  • Drop the event (converion count) on the right of the freeform table
  • Break down your dimension by week, after you select last 2 weeks as your date range



The above solution is based on the following understanding:


"if the total conversion for a dimension is lets say was 200 and the prior week if it was 240 so I can get two items given the time selected"


  • The "conversion" term above must be some metric in your AA
  • The "dimension" term above must be an attribute of the visitor generated in a visit
  • count of 200 and 240 is across two different weeks
  • "get two items" is understood to be two different lines shown on the graph with one shoing 200 and other showing 240