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Visitor with multiple visits in month


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I am looking for a way to count visitor with at least 2 visits in one month. I tried sequential segments:


and visits >= 2:


Checking this with Data from DWH, Segment (Visits >= 2) was closest, but not exact match.

Did anyone had the same issue? How did you handle that?




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Again, it will be close by not exactly, but you could try adding a date constraint?



    Visit is greater than or equal to 2


    Last 30 full days




It won't line up with the calendar date, but at least on a rolling month basis, those 2 visits must be within the same 30 day time frame?


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Interesting question and I tried as well. Using your segments gives me two very different numbers, the simple segment is almost double the sequential, and I wonder if both segments really mean the same thing.

And it is not.

The sequential segment is another "visit" exists "after 1 visit" of another "visit", so there are 3 visits in total. If I change the simple segment to visits larger or equal 3, both segments give the same answer.

I tried to think about how to create a sequential segment to your intention but was unable to get that yet.



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I am also trying variants, and in all cases right now, I have visitors coming back with only 1 visit...  (which shouldn't be the case for any of the above)... I am going to keep digging.


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Tried to play around and found a way to create a sequential segment with the same result as the simple "Visits >= 2" segment

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 12.04.26 PM.png

 The trick is adding the visit container first before the "then" operator and there is no need to specify the "after" clause to the operator