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Time spent per visitor distinct


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I am trying to calculate time spent per visitor. Currently the time spent per visit - bucketed dimension is at a visit level only. If I use unique visitors as a metric, it totals to over what is shown in the column total - see screenshot:



When I total up what is the unique visitor column, it nets out to 32,258,363 not 25,307,565, as displayed in the UI.


Additionally, I cannot use the Total Seconds Spent metric in a Segment.


My goal is to understand Time Spent on Site per Visitor, uniquely. If a unique visitor spent 10 min one day on the site and 2 min another day on the site during the time same time period, I want their first visit to count once, and not be in two buckets in the Time Spent per Visit dimension.


Is there anyway to derive this?


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There is a standard Time Spent per Visitor (seconds) metric, why not just use that?


If you want it to display as a readable time, you can just create a calculated metric like so:


Changing the format from "Decimal" to "Time"


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Because I need them as dimensions, as in the Time Spent per Visit - Bucketed table above, and I cannot use "Total Seconds Spent" or any of the time metrics in a segment.


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Unfortunately then, there is no way to get a bucketed Time Spent per Visitor.. this isn't provided out of the box, and we don't have the needed granularity in calculated metrics to achieve it... unfortunately, some metrics (like Time Spent per Visitor (seconds)) aren't available in segments, while others are....



The Total is showing you the proper de-duplicated UV count (as it should), the sum being more than the total will happen in many instances when using Unique Visitors or Visits metrics (since those metrics essentially "roll up" but also apply to individual rows of dimensions).


When you are looking at Time Buckets by Visit, then the same Visitor is going to appear in multiple buckets for each visit that they have (visit 1 the user was on the site for 6 mins, visit 2 the user was on the site for 2 mins, visit 3 the user was on the site for 17 mins, etc)


The display you are seeing isn't an issue, but understanding how to read and understand what is being presented is critical to such a report.


I usually add a description to any tables that have that to clearly explain to the people reading the report what it means and why it displays like that....



If you still really need a "Time per Visitor" your only real options are:

1. Log the new metric as an Idea (https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-ideas/idb-p/adobe-analytics-ideas) and hope that someone at Adobe decides to proceed with it and make it a reality.. but this could be a long wait

2. You're going to have to export the raw data, bring it into something like a Data Lake, process it (i.e. making sure that excluded hits are excluded, and that you are properly stitching the visid_high and _low together to identify users) and then you will have to look at all the recorded time stamps in the time frame and calculate out how many Visitors fall in your own specified buckets....


Neither solution is ideal.


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Thanks Jennifer, that's what I thought, but was looking to see if I missed anything.


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I wish there was a better option.. maybe someone else has found a solution or a hack....