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Variable in Virtual Report Suite


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I have a traffic variable (prop1) with Label "Step".

Once created that traffic variable, automatically Adobe added Entry Step(prop1) and Exit Step (prop1).

I have a Virtual Report Suite (Production VR) where I cannot add these "Entry Step (prop1)" and "Exit Step (prop1" variable.

Even If I go and search I'm not able to add Entry Step(prop1) and Exit Step (prop1)

I can create a new Virtual Report suite and add without problems these variables, but not in the previous Virtual Report Suite.


Someone can explain to me this strange behavior?




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Community Advisor

This is likely just the way your Virtual Report Suite was set up... you can allow ALL Dimensions and Metrics, or a sub-set of these....


If you aren't seeing the new dimension, it means that your Virtual Suite was configured to only allow specific items....


You can edit your existing Virtual Suite to add this one dimension, or change it to allow ALL components....


Go to:

Components > Virtual Report Suites

(Choose your Suite to Edit)


Now go to the Components Tab:



You can see in my example, I am not using customization of the components, so everything new will automatically appear in my Virtual Suite....


I don't know what the rationale behind your Virtual Suite limiting components.. it would be worth checking that out first if you plan to deactivate the customized components... 


Here are two possible scenarios:

  • The person who created the virtual suite didn't realize that customization would require new items to be added, they may have selected to customize, and added ALL available items at the time... thinking there was no difference - in which case you are safe to disable and make it fully automated
  • The Virtual Suite is used by a specific team, and what that team has access to needs to be specifically curated - in which case, you will always need to evaluate what should and shouldn't be added to the suite


If you leave it as customized, you will need to manually add each new component one by one as they are created if you plan on using it within your Virtual Suite....


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Hi Alex,

It does seem unusual that you're unable to add Entry Step (prop1) and Exit Step (prop1) variables to an existing Virtual Report Suite. There could be a few reasons behind this behavior:

  1. Virtual Report Suite configuration: There may be some specific configuration settings in the existing Virtual Report Suite that are causing these variables to be hidden or unavailable. It would be a good idea to double-check the settings and ensure there are no conflicts.

  2. Data processing rules: If there are any data processing rules in place that affect prop1, they might be causing issues with adding Entry Step and Exit Step variables to the Virtual Report Suite. Review your data processing rules to ensure they're not causing conflicts.

  3. Adobe Analytics interface issues: Sometimes, issues with the Adobe Analytics interface can cause unexpected behavior. You can try clearing your browser cache, disabling browser extensions, or using a different browser to see if the issue persists.