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Validate Mobile App Experience Events sent to AEP Edge Network


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Hi All,


Currently, we are implementing tracking for mobile app using AEP Edge Network Extension where we are sending experience events to AEP Edge Network. Adobe has suggested to use AEP Assurance for validation. We are facing issues in integrating the mobile app with Adobe Assurance using app deep link. 

Can anyone please suggest any other validation tools that can be used to validate Mobile App Experience Events sent to AEP Edge Network?


Thanks in advance!

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While I don't know how much this changes with the Edge Network.. you could try using a proxy setup and using an HTTP sniffer like Charles or Fiddler.


Basically, your computer and your mobile device need to be connected to the same wifi network... you need to use the HTTP sniffer open and configured to allow external devices, and know your computer's IP address and what port your sniffer is monitoring.


On you mobile device, you need to add a manual proxy setup to your wifi connection, pointing to your computer's IP address and the listening port of the tool.


Before you can test, you also need to make sure that the tool's trust certificates are installed on your mobile device.



This is really a pain to set up.. and may take a while...


Until I know which tool you plan on using, I can't really give detailed instructions....


Charles is a paid program (the free trial is very annoying to use, but you can give it a shot).

Fiddler Classic works only on Windows (but it my preferred tool) and is free

Fiddler Everywhere works for Windows/Mac, but again is paid... I've never personally tried this.. but our developers couldn't get it working.. but they might have missed something in the setup...


When starting from scratch, I usually expect a proxy config to take a few hours to get set up (to make sure all the certs are working and all the configs to be properly set up).. once you have it working, it is a lot faster.


Also note, that when you close the HTTP sniffer, make sure you remove the proxy from your mobile device, or you will lose internet connectivity on your device (many people make this mistake, so I wanted to warn you upfront)


There are tutorials online for setting these kind of connections up.. 


Unfortunately, this will only show you the data sent out, but not any of the mapping....


AEP Assurance is really the best option... it might be worth to keep pushing through on getting that working....