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Untagged Pages coming for certain Tagged Pages in Analytics Reporting


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I am using Datalayer to pull up my different site section pages of the website for reporting. However, not sure why my home page and search page are coming up for all the segments even though the home page and search page are not tagged with that data object. For example, I have a product category called "Revolve" which has 1000 pages and I am using a data layer to pull all those pages via launch DOM-ready configurations in a manner that every time "Revolve" page category pages are loaded then launch will look into my data layer if the data object called product category = "Revolve" exists then it will pass that product category info to my merchandising eVar(which I am using as segment to all pages that belongs to page category "Revolve") 


However, I am facing an issue that my home page and my search pages are coming for this segment even though they are not tagged with data object {product category = "Revolve"}


Any thoughts on this kind of issue?




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Is your site a Single Page Application (SPA)??


Both Google Analytics DataLayer, and Adobe Analytics adobeDataLayer are event based data layers, as such, each new event is pushed to the existing data layer... this data layer will only be cleared if manually cleared... 


So in an SPA site, the data layer will keep growing, each new page and each new action will be added to the data layer... if you are pulling the entire data layer and looking at all the objects, then it's possible you are seeing data from a previous page...


In the Adobe Client Data Layer extension, the trigger is based on "Date Pushed", so it should only be looking at the currently pushed data, as opposed to the entire data layer....



But you also said that you are using "DOM Ready" which shouldn't trigger on most pages in an SPA... 


Have you used your Browser Console to actually look at what information is in the Data Layer when the page loads?


This should be the first step.


If you haven't used your Console this way before, it's really easy.

Once you have the console open, you should see a little blue > symbol (at the bottom of all the logs)


First, you can clear all the logs to make this, clean, then just type in "adobeDataLayer" next to the > and hit enter



Then you can expand and contract each item using the arrows:




This will allow you to see what data is populated.. and start to investigate what is happening from there.


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Hey @Jennifer_Dungan Thank you for the message. But our website is not SPA. And, I have reviewed my digitalDataLayer there is no product category tag enabled for my home page and search page but still they are coming up for the product category page "Revole" in my cited example. Thanks


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So when you see the data... do you see it in the tracking call (the value actually being set when you are testing)... or are you just seeing it in your reports?


Are you storing the data in an eVar? And is that eVar set to Visit level expiry?


Let's look at an Example:

  1. Page 1, eVar1 is set with a value of "value 1"
    • Page View metric is counted, so is Occurrence, and Instance of eVar1
  2. Page 2, eVar is not set, but the value is still "value 1" due to visit level attribution
    • Page View and Occurrence metrics are counted (but not the Instance of...)
  3. Click Action (from Page 2), eVar is not set, but again, visit level attribution comes into play
    • Occurrence metric is tracked (not page view, since this is an action, and not Instance of...)
  4. Page 3, eVar1 is once again set with a value of "value 1"
    • Page ViewOccurrence and Instance of eVar1 are all set


If you are using Visit level expiry, and that product is hit earlier in the visit, all subsequent tracking calls will maintain the value.....


It sounds like you really need this to only be set when you set it, so try changing the Expiry to Hit....