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Staging Environment in Data Collection Tags is Not Building to Our Stage Publish Site


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Recently, our team noticed that our Data Collection Tags libraries are not being built to our Stage Publish site when building the library to the Staging environment. The library, however, is being built to our Stage Author site. Previously, the library would be successfully built to both sites. This issue is slowing down UAT of new Tags Rules.

I am able to verify this by observing the Launch files post-build from the Sources section of my browser's dev tools.

We are using an Akamai Host. Upon talking with relevant team members, nothing has changed recently with our Property, Host, or Staging Environment.

Looking at our host and environments, it seems there are not many configuration options for an Akamai host connection. Is there a way we can restore the connection to Stage Publish for the Tags Staging environment?


Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



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I just want to make sure I understand a few things... when you say "Stage Publish" and "Stage Author" sites... are these two different sites? Are they using different Launch properties? Or the same property?


And we'll just lay out the basics... there are:

  • One (or more) Dev Environment(s)
  • Only One Staging Environment (Adobe only allows one)
  • Only One Production Environment (Adobe only allows one)


Your Dev environment(s) is fine, and your Prod environment as well? This is only impacting Staging?


All environments are set up with Adobe Hosted Akamai servers?


Scenario 1: Both "Stage Publish" and "Stage Author" Sites use the same Launch Property

If the sites are using the same property, and the code is available in "Stage Author" but not in "Stage Publish" this is likely an issue with the site code, more than with Launch....

Confirm that the JS reference is pointing to the correct file, and that there are no scripting errors preventing the file from loading.


Scenario 2: "Stage Publish" and "Stage Author" Sites use different Launch Properties

If you are saying you have 2 properties, and when you build both to Staging, one site sees the change, and the other site doesn't... what is the behaviour of the site that doesn't?

Is the site loading the tracking files at all? Or is the file resolving in a 404 error? Have you double confirmed that the link is 100% correct in the site code... matching what Adobe Launch environment code snippets show?


Can you load the file from the environment snippet directly, do you see the file, or do you also get a 404 error?


If Launch says the file should be located at a specific location, and that location is failing to return a file after deploying (and the deployment shows a success), it sounds like there may be something corrupted in the flow... 


After exhausting all checks and confirming that the file isn't loading where it should be loading from, you may need to contact Client Care... they will have direct access to the servers and should be able to trace at a deeper level what is happening to the file.


I don't think this is something that you can resolve on your own...


Though, I don't know if this would work... you could try deleting you Staging Environment... then creating a new one... this should create a new file location (but it might use the same file location... compare the first and second)... you will need to get your developers to update all references to the new location, then you could try publishing a new build into Staging....

The problem with this approach is that once you delete the first Staging environment, you are committed... there's no undo....


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Hi Jennifer,

Stage Author and Stage Publish are separate sites. Stage Author is where we perform authoring tasks that eventually get published to Stage Publish. They are on the same Launch property.


Environment-wise, Production is fine but looking at Dev and Staging, it appears that they are using the Production Launch files on their respective Publish sites. 


Based on your recommendation for this scenario, I will review the JS references for each environment and check for scripting errors.


Thank you!



Community Advisor

You're welcome.. and yeah.. if they use the same property... then the code would be hosted for both to read... so it must be either a linking error, or some other error preventing it from running.