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Unspecified or unknown category


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In the data that I have I see unspecified for "days since last used" dimension for 96% of the data, why is that? Even for pages, there is an unknown category. Could somebody explain why this could happen and any resolutions on how to read the data with this information?

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Without seeing your data, I can make some educated guesses.. but I will need you to help fill in the gaps...


First, in your suite are you tracking both website and mobile app data?

Days Since Last Use is exclusive to mobile apps, so if you are looking at your entire suite (and haven't segmented out just mobile app, your web data will all show as Unspecified)


If you are trying to look at web and mobile app together, you might be more interested in Days Since Last Visit which is recorded on both web and mobile apps.


Now, back to just Mobile App data.. first time installs won't have a Days Since Last Use so all new users will appear as unspecified... 


Beyond that, there may still be some unexplained Unspecifieds, I wonder if this could have something to do with users clearing the app cache / data? Maybe some failure of Lifecycle metrics to fire properly when the app is opened?



Now, for you next question about Category... do you mean specifically the "category" dimension:




Are you using s.products in your implementation? Are you populating the optional category field?



Are you perhaps thinking of Channel



Channel shows up as Site Section in the Workspace:




If you are using the Product List, and you are populating the category field, is other propduct information coming through? Did you try pairing Channel with one of your product specific dimensions?

If products is improperly formatted, Adobe may be throwing the entire string out... Products must be a very specific format so that the information can be parsed properly into the correct storage... if something is out of place, they don't want to corrupt your data...


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Hi Jennifer, thank you again for sharing your expertise. The data I am looking at it is exclusively mobile data but there are new users as of late so I am assuming based on what you said the data from is tagged as unspecified. 


I will delve into the other things you have mentioned. Thank you!