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Understanding difference between Customer loyalty and segment built by me


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Hi All,

I want to know the difference between 

1) Customer Loyalty = New customer & a segment created by me where at visitor level I kept Order = 1

2) Customer Loyalty = Return customer & a segment created by me where at visitor level I kept Order = 2

3) I also want to understand if I placed Order = 2 segment under a particular time range in the panel, will that consider both the orders should be in that time range ?

4) How should I build a segment where 1st order can be anywhere before the current month (maybe Jan 2022 to June 2022) and the 2nd order is in July 2022

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Community Advisor

Dear manyalakiran,

1. Segment 1 will return you the visitors who are New and placed an order.

2. Segment 2 should not return you any numbers because you cannot set purchase (Order) event twice in the same order i.e. Order can never be equal to 2.

3. Again, you cannot user Order = 2 here and thus the question will be invalid.

4. You can use Time Range in your segments like This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months, etc., to make sure that the time periods are taken care.

To create the segment based on 1 order, 1 order and more, 2 orders, 2 orders, and more, you should now use Sequential Segments.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B (Arun) | NextRow DigitalTerryn Winter Analytics