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Unable to run report for views & visits to my webpages for months prior to Oct 2020


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Dear members,

I only use Adobe Analytics once a month to get the visits & views per page on the Health & Wellbeing page for my line manager.  I hadn't run the report since Feb 2020 due to lockdown and not having remote access.  Now when I run the report, it will only give me the figures for Oct & Nov but not the months before that, Sept - March 2020.

I get the following error message: No data match these criteria. Please verify the segment, metrics, date range and filters. 

The only thing I change when running the report from Oct to Sept is the date range so I don't understand why it's not running the report.


I've not had the issue previously.  I'm not great to trouble shoot but have looked at the learning videos but haven't found a solution.  I've tried clicking the "Try this in Workspace"  button which works for Oct but not Sept - March 2020 again.

I stick to Adobe as I don't really understand the Workspace tool.


Is anyone able to advise?  


Many thanks,



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To verify that the data is really missing:

  1. Create a new, blank dashboard.
  2. Change the dashboard's date range to the last 12 months.
  3. Add a freeform table, if it's not there already.
  4. Add "Month" as the dimension. The freeform Table should automatically add "Occurrences" as the metric.

Are the rows for all 12 months showing up?

If they are showing up in this new dashboard, then it means the dashboard that you're referring to has fixed the date periods within the report tables themselves. I.e. (purple) date ranges have been added to every table. When this is done, Analysis Workspace always reports based on those added date ranges, rather than whatever you choose in your dashboard's date range.


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Thanks Yuhuisg for this. I've had a go a couple of times on creating the new dashboard on Workspace but I'm such a novice, I'm such a novice, I still can't get the results for before Oct 2020. I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly. I'll hav another go at this with my colleague who's a bit better at this sort of thing than me & I'm sure we'll work it out using your info above. Thanks for your assistance!