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Trying to understand when to user Adobe report builder & Adobe anaytics datawarehouse


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Trying to understand when to user Adobe report builder & Adobe analytics Datawarehouse.


I have a request from a team where they want data for 2 days customer ID wise which will have thousands or more than thousands of rows. 


Challenges in report builder is not multiple dimensions allowed and in data warehouse calculated metrics are not allowed. I am stuck. 


How much rows of data allowed in Adobe report builder? Wil I get  all rows if I use report builder?

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Hi @aagk123 

Report Builder uses API 1.4 to retrieve data, so it will return 50k records at max.


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Hey @aagk123 

Hope you're doing well.

Please take a look at the video illustration in this reference page: Which Adobe Analytics tool should I use?

And this: Analytics product comparison and requirements


Hope this helps!




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Hi @aagk123 


  • Use Report Builder only if you want to feed small amounts of data.
  • Data warehouse is the recommended option if your data is not live streaming. Calculated Metrics can be extracted via ETL process but the gap is that pathing metrics (entries, exits, bounces, etc) are not available in the data warehouse.
  • So if you need pathing metrics, you should go with data feed.


Hope this clarifies your doubt.