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Trying to figure out how many people see same content type over 5+ views


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On our website, we have different content types (defined by an evar).I want to know how many instance there are of people seeing the same content type five times or more consecutively.


So let's say the content type is called widget page. How many times did people see the same content type five other times without switching to an intermediate or different content type.


I can segment the visit to include five page views of the content type, but can't get the THEN function to work to show the consecutive viewing.



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I am assuming the segment you created looks something like:




Did you try to use the "within" control, and specify 1 Page View?




This should mean that even if there are clicks on the pages (that do or do not contain your "content type value), this logic should lock your segment specifically to "Page Views" and because of the the "within" specification, this should now be consecutive.