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Troubleshooting ECID - Analytics always resolving FID instead.


Level 2

Dear Community,


Can you please help with troubleshooting ECID?

I have number of websites with same setup uin Adobe Launch for Adobe analytics and ECID.

But for some reason a few websites don't get ECID resolved, and therefore FID is used by AA.

It is blocking us to use all the other integrated adobe solutions.


I can provide more details if required.

Would really appreciate if someone already faced this issue and can share the resolution.



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Level 10

Can you share the URLs where it's working and where it's not?




Community Advisor

GUessing  from the description of the problem,  I have see cases where a website is using a reverse proxy/redirect tool to change certain URL paramteres automatically.


Also check and see if anyone has added any UX type of analysis measurement tools that are injecting their code as it relates to load responsiveness. It could be someone in UX/marketing or IT are trying to get a sense of pageload speed.(which adobe Analytics could do).


regards and good luck


Level 2

I'm currently facing the same issue, if you solved it, could you please share the solution or the reason behind it? 


Community Advisor

As the previous person didn`t include an example URL can you provide one? 

Feel free to message me privately if you like. 

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