Transaction ID dimension Q + Tracking URL tips

JordanAbbott 13-02-2019

Anyone have any tips on how to view leads by a transaction ID dimension (similar to how GA does it). I feel like this should be a relatively simple way to do this that I'm just missing.

In a similar vein, we're tracking display and search (Adword) performance through the Creative Elements dimension and the tracking code dimension. Do you have any advice on the most effective way to track URLs in general? Our marketing agency recently changed its microsite to the Drupal framework and we instantly saw a massive drop (3k-4k views with 100-200 leads dropped to 100 views, 0 leads). They are still receiving the leads in their CRM but Adobe is not attributing any views or leads to the old creative element/tracking code. They're pretty sure it has something to do with our analytics, but we can't seem to find any issues on our end? We're just hoping that there might be better practices for tracking URLs/UTMs (and transaction IDs so we can match back the leads in AA to our database).

Thanks for all of your help, AAC!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Vinoth_G 24-02-2019

Point 1: Yes, Adobe launch comes free with Analytics, Launch is next generation tag management, works way better than DTM.

Point 2: If you have the latest App measurement, then its natively build into the base code. Refer Util.getQueryParam  .

For legacy code refer getQueryParam .

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

JordanAbbott 22-02-2019

Thank you Vinoth.G and teknopointindia1 ! I appreciate your insights.

Is Adobe Launch a free upgrade if we have already purchased Adobe Analytics? My supervisor believes we tried DTM a while back but said it was very buggy so we stuck with the javascript code.

Looks like we're going to go down the Util.getQueryParam route. Have you come across any documentation (or would you be willing to share) the process up implementing plug-ins that I can share with our Dev team?

Vinoth_G 21-02-2019

1. Yes, util.getQueryParam is the latest you can refer Adobe Analytics Help | getQueryParam versus Util.getQueryParam

2.DTM is a free (when you buy adobe analytics) tag management tool where you can manage all the page level codes in a single place. It can place any tags Like GA, FB Pixel on the page. As for the decision to migrate to DTM it's a business-specific decision.

Refer: Best Practices for Getting Started with Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

JordanAbbott 21-02-2019

Did the util.getQueryParam replace the get.QueryParam? Also I'm seeing the the ability to use AppMeasurment which has native utilities to get query parameters... However, when I read the implementation documents for AppMeasurement there is this prompt:

Note: This section describes the legacy method of implementing Analytics. All Analytics customers have access to Dynamic Tag Management which is the standard method to deploy Experience Cloud tags.

So should I actually be looking into migrating to the DTM method to get AppMeasurement? Or is it less of a hassle to do the legacy method of implementing AppMeasure?

JordanAbbott 21-02-2019

UPDATE (2/21): After some digging it looks like in order to do similar campaign tracking as GA I would need to implement the Get Query Parameter plug-in to our SiteCatalyst.js file. Anyone have a step-by-step guide for nontechnical AA users, such as myself, on how I might go about this or how I might help provide a resource to our dev. team?